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About Us 

Six County RSVP was established in July 1998 through the sponsorship of the Six County Association of Governments (SCAOG), Aging/Human Resources Department.  The six counties served by the AOG are Sevier, Millard, Juab, Sanpete, Piute and Wayne.  Only Sevier County had previous RSVP activity, so it was a challenge to introduce the program to all other areas.  Organization and set-up of the program occupied much of the first few months, but by January 1999 there were 11 volunteer stations and 33 volunteers who had contributed over 2,100 hours of service to local communities in Sevier, Wayne, Millard and Juab counties.  Today RSVP has over 270 volunteers reporting over 49,000 hours in all six counties.

Our office


It is the mission of The Volunteer Connection (Six County RSVP and the Volunteer Center) to connect people with opportunities to serve, promote volunteering, "Tell the Story", celebrate the impact of constructive volunteering, and meet local community needs.


It is the vision of The Volunteer Connection to mobilize people and resources to deliver creative solutions to community problems.


We value people and believe that through volunteer service people have the capacity to enrich their own lives and improve the quality of life in their communities.  We believe that an active volunteers community creates an environment in which all people thrive.  We assert that mature volunteers possess invaluable knowledge, skills and experience which may be channeled through creative placement to provide leadership and manpower to meet critical needs in every community within our service area.

We value diversity and recognize that all people have time and talents to share, and that communities are strengthened when people connect across their differences through volunteer service.  We are committed to creating volunteer opportunities which allow people of all ages and origins to work to solve community problems.

We value collaboration and realize that we are at our best when we engage in collaborative efforts that bring together individuals, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, government, nonprofit, faith-based and other community organizations to achieve a common vision of better communities.

We value excellence and commit to implementing innovative and effective strategies, holding ourselves accountable for results, sharing our knowledge and best practices with others, and recognizing the value of service rendered by RSVP and other volunteers in the community.